NC TECH ROAD: Future Foward.

We believe a new technology hub and center for modern exchange is emerging in North Carolina. While Charlotte and Raleigh get the majority of the headlines, beneath the surface are fast-growing clusters of Universities, Research Institutions, Science & Technology Parks, Industrial Zones and Innovation Districts bubbling with potential. Visionary leadership, deep investments in research and education, Covid-19 related migration, and digital transformation have all served to position North Carolina at a tipping point in terms of economic growth and production. We believe over the next ten years, smaller Tier-II cities like Winston-Salem, Greensboro and Wilmington will emerge as players in the new digital economy – solidifying North Carolina’s position as one of the country’s top production centers.  

Tech Road represents a unified vision for North Carolina’s knowledge-based communities. We see Tech Road as a global symbol of innovation.

We believe the world is at the foot of the greatest wealth creation opportunity in history, and North Carolina is uniquely positioned on the leading-edge. Our mission is to create access and opportunity for all North Carolinians to participate in the digital economy.

Tech Road Ventures represents a diverse pipeline of off-market investment opportunities, underpinned by deep relationships,  within some of the fastest-growing submarkets in the nation. Click here to contact us for more information.

The North Carolina Tech Road Alliance is a growing Public-Private Partnership dedicated to helping make North Carolina a global leader in the innovation economy


Tech Road Ventures represents a diverse pipeline of off-market investment opportunities, underpinned by deep relationships within some of the fastest-growing submarkets in the nation.

The Strategy

  • North Carolina is uniquely positioned on the Eastern U.S. border and poised to strengthen its status as a global center for trade, commerce, and innovation
  • Led by Charlotte and Raleigh, more than 90% of North Carolina’s GDP stems from five core Hubs which we identify as our target market
  • Tech Road Ventures (TRV) seeks competitive risk-adjusted returns that reflect the risks and rewards of each Hub and individual project. We focus on development opportunities in and around the geographic areas of each Hub, that have strong job growth, particularly in regions with specialized zones
  • TRV strategy is rooted in anchor-institution based development principals and focuses primarily on real estate and infrastructure projects that optimize connectivity and productivity

The Opportunity

  • TRV invests in and develops multiple assets classes. We seek to develop or acquire multifamily property types of 100+ units, from affordable housing and workforce to market rate housing. We will consider smaller properties if they are part of a portfolio purchase
  • For market rate, student, and senior housing properties, we prefer construction from 2000 or newer and purchase affordable properties of all ages
  • For office, we seek to develop properties that can be part of our flagship brand, with a minimum of 50,000 sq. ft. of office and incorporates key educational systems and related business services
  • We purchase land for new construction in areas in and around specialized zones and districts that are supported by healthy anchor-institutions
  • We also consider opportunities to invest in intellectual property that stems from anchor- institution based research and development


Let's Collaborate

NC Tech Road and Tech Road Ventures is the investment affiliate of Liberty Atlantic Group.